The Vaccine Wars

I am old enough that I had most of the childhood illnesses for which vaccines are now available. I had both kinds of measles, chicken pox, mumps, and (I believe) whooping cough. I did have a number of vaccinations as a child, including small pox, tetanus, and probably some others. In my early 20s, I was among those who took the first version of the vaccine for polio developed by Dr. Jonas Salk. When I was in the Army, all new recruits were vaccinated against everything for which vaccines were available, including plague, probably in anticipation of our being sent . . . → Read More: The Vaccine Wars

Global, Specific, and More

One of the metaprograms of NLP, the “Scope Metaprogram,” is about the tendency of individuals to prefer a “Global” or a “Specific” perspective. At least theoretically, those with a Global preference focus on the “Big Picture” or the “End Result,” while those with a Specific perspective are more concerned with the details, especially with the first step. Some tasks, such as completing a jigsaw puzzle, are best accomplished by using one approach, while others seem to require the Big Picture approach encapsulated with Covey’s “habit” of “Beginning with the End in Mind.”

I suspect that experienced jigsaw puzzlers could . . . → Read More: Global, Specific, and More